Telcom Engineers opening the gateway to new markets

Telcom Engineers opening the gateway to new markets that can expand a telcom’s reach and profits.

5G and cloud and edge computing are inflection points for telcos. The old telcom paradigm of delivering connectivity and letting the customer decide on the application is over. Today’s telcom needs to be an Industry Orchestrator.

Telcom Operators are the heart of the industry’s products and services, providing new digital technologies. Their operations will enable the next wave of connected industry. Thanks to Telcos Engineers who are moving the industry into the next phase of development.

Accelerating 5G and fiber deployment makes lower costs.

Accelerating 5G and fiber deployment results in 8% lower costs.

5G is being deployed worldwide faster than any other iteration of mobile connectivity. This is because 5G represents the turning point where cellular connectivity can outstrip home- and business-based Wi-Fi.

Rapid deployment of 5G and fiber reduces costs by providing uniformized margins across services. Leveraging analytics and optimizations allow telcos to maximize efficiencies and decrease costs.

Rullex is driven to help our partners, T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and DISH Network to deliver historical unit cost reductions.

Rapid deployment gives our partners a competitive advantage by allowing them to secure the customer base and drive their services into new areas, like cloud and edge computing.

Telcom Operators showing Growth Beyond Connectivity

Today’s consumer expects excellent performance, network resilience, and stable security.

Telcom Operators can gain more revenue from connecting customers according to new digital-based demands, especially with more secure solutions. That is why, Telcom Operators need reliable partners to ensure the rapid, flawless installation of equipment at every level of their network.

Rullex understands these needs and works with industry leaders, like AT&T, DISH Network, T-Mobile, and Verizon, to deliver agile wireless and fiber solutions to make excellent and secure connections.

Shifting from Telco to Techco.

Let’s start growing beyond connectivity.

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