Rullex: For A More Connected Future.


The Story of Rullex

Our Vision:
To drive positive societal change through disruptive innovations in network and renewable solutions.
Our Mission:
We aim to disrupt industries and set new benchmarks for service quality, contributing to a sustainable and connected future in the USA.

At Rullex, our mission goes beyond connecting networks across the USA. We are dedicated to the flawless execution and delivery of construction projects, ensuring everyone has access to high-speed internet, communications, and renewable energy.

Starting with just 12 employees, Rullex has become a trusted partners for the largest Telecom and renewable Energy Operators in the US.

Rullex was founded in 2012 by Russell Razhko and Alex Aliakhnovich as a communication network construction operator and maintenance service provider.

Our attention to detail, speed to completion, and unmatched reporting helped us grow to a team of more than 200 professionals, completing thousands of projects successfully.

We believe in efficiency and in improving the world by utilizing our technological infrastructure for social progress.

Our people are building networks with flawless execution, driving progress, and fueling a future where connectivity drives social change.

Today’s consumer expects excellent performance, network resilience, and stable security. Operators can gain more revenue from customers’ new digital-based demands.

We at Rullex understand these needs and deliver rapid, flawless wireless and fiber services to make excellent and secure connections at every level of Telecom networks.

“While most Telecom Operators worldwide are stagnating from selling core connectivity, Rullex engineers are proactively helping the U.S. giants like AT&T, DISH, T-Mobile, and Verizon embrace new technologies, gain new paths for growth beyond connectivity and create new revenue streams.

Telecom Industry is changing fast, and we are inspired to be a huge part of it!”

From the desk of our Founders: Russell & Alex

Rullex in Numbers

Recently, we’ve proven that Rullex is an Excellent Tech-services Provider of the Installation and Maintenance of Wireless & Fiber solutions.


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The Story of Our Founders

Russell moved to the United States when the economic crisis was at its peak, and finding a job was not easy. Nonetheless, he worked for a GC company along with his friend and future partner Alex.

Russell was born into a family of entrepreneurs and along with Alex, he decided to create their own GC business. They opened a branch dedicated to telecommunications. As they grew their cell network deployment and maintenance business, they increased their involvement in the telecom industry.

Both Alex and Russell are constantly learning to become better leaders and grow the company to make it public. They have implemented the latest management tools, technologies, and worked for the biggest players in the market, such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

It was the beginning of the Rullex company, which is a combination of both founders’ names.
Russell + Alex = Rullex

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    Shifting from Telco to Techco.

    Let’s start growing beyond connectivity.

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