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We truly believe that a strong team is our most valuable asset. That is why we provide training programs, and corporative and sports events to inspire our employees to gain new paths for growth beyond connectivity.

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Our Mission

Unlock Growth Beyond Connectivity

Rullex is proactively helping the U.S. giants like AT&T, DISH, T-Mobile, and Verizon embrace new technologies, gain new paths for growth beyond connectivity and create new revenue streams.



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Rullex is the company where people make histoty.

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Rapid Service

”Every so often, there is an emergency issue and Rullex
comes to the rescue! Their quick response and action under a very tight time frame is truly appreciated.”

Sharon Campbell

Senior Sourcing Specialist at AT&T

Reliable Partner

“There haven’t been any issues with change orders. When Rullex says they will be on a site, they are there, they work through obstacles and never push back on maintenance window requests for work that can be completed in that manner. They are professional, dedicated, and want to work. I would support them entering into any T-Mobile market.”

Robert Phalen

Site Development Manager at T-Mobile (UPNY)

Shifting from Telco to Techco.

Let’s start growing beyond connectivity.

Turnkey Telco Hardware Solutions
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